grass fence manufacturer- p.c-lined wire mesh

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grass fence manufacturer- p.c-lined wire mesh

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grass fence manufacturer- p.c-lined wire meshgrass fence manufacturer- p.c-lined wire mesh
%-covered twine mesh
sturdy and sturdy material:

Environmentally friendly coated metallic wire, galvanized and very rustproof. Galvanizing after welding to make sure that all welding points are galvanized for the entire rust resistance and the long term.

The % coated cord mesh can be made upon request to unite the work.
cord mesh: Grass fence.

The %-covered cord mesh has become a famous and anticipated product for many responsibilities in D.I.Y.

as well as in industrial relationships, e.g. B. for home nets, ground screed reinforcement, tree and shrub safety, pest manage, etc. rooster enclosure:

ideal for indoor and outdoor use:

it can be used as a conventional fence to mark out different gardens, as a climbing aid for plants, as a barrier for flower beds, as a safety for tree trunks and as an enclosure for animals. etc.
fine craftsmanship: The %-coated cord mesh is firmly welded.