Grass Fence - Grass fence manufacturer- The manufacture of NATO wire

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Grass Fence - Grass fence manufacturer- The manufacture of NATO wire

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Grass Fence - Grass fence manufacturer- The manufacture of NATO wiregrass fence manufacturer- The manufacture of NATO wire
The blades of the Grass Fence are made with special punching machines from normal or galvanized, mostly about 19 × 1 millimeter wide flat wire made of metallic, from which elongated pieces are punched out.

The resulting ridges are very sharp.

while in the beyond the blades were initially isolated, connected at regular periods to a wire center made of spring steel and related to it by using resistance pressure welds, nowadays the punched flat wire is mostly processed whole and welded to the core on this way.

The finished Grass Fence is then warm-dip galvanized.

Like ordinary barbed wire, Grass Fence is synthetic in a clean or rolled model.

Barbed wire
in addition, for reasons of corrosion safety, Grass Fence is produced in a model made from stainless steel. The so-called core wire is electrified and only the outer slicing edges are made from chrome steel.

Manufacture from stainless-steel is high priced and is only used for lengthy-term fixings or unique situations of use, such as underwater.

With so-called ribbon barbed wire, there is no need to incorporate a wire core. To ensure corrosion safety, the barbed wire is burnished.

finally, the tape is rolled up flat on a roll (not unusual period used by the German Bundeswehr: 50 meters). A laying tool is frequently used, especially in connection with tree vegetation.

The special types of NATO wire are differentiated in line with the length of their blades: Grass fence.

short, 10 to fifteen millimeters cutting length

medium, 20 to 25 millimeters cutting length

lengthy, 60 to 66 millimeters cutting duration

There aren't any reliable studies as to whether longer cutting edges are extra effective against overcoming. what's undisputed, however, is a more quenching impact with a extra reducing period.